February 24, 2018 WVCC meeting

Great meeting today!

Guess speaker Jeff Vandall, Sales Director for the WV Development, office gave our students an overview of the technology needs facing our State and strongly encouraged their continuing efforts toward achieving their goals in this field.

Jeff's impressive background and expertise in this area was challenging, thoughtful and inspiring. Thank you Jeff for taking the time and interest in WVCC's students as they continue to acquire skills in this vital area!

Also present at our meeting was John Giroir, Director, National Youth Science Camp and a member of WVCC's Advisory Committee.  

Over the past several weeks, John has volunteered his time and expertise with helping WVCC staff enhance our club's Social Media skills and presence in the technology marketplace.  His personal attributes of graciousness and selflessness in his desire to help has been everything you would hope for and more in a mentor. Thank you, John!